History of Australia  (From 1606 to 1876) by A & G Sutherland

The majority of content on the History of Australia was written by Alexander and George Sutherland and taken from their book History of Australia (from 1606 to 1876).  Even though some of the information contained in their writings are no longer considered to be accurate, the content is still valid. The author’s incredibly entertaining writing style makes the history of Australia come to life and makes it a truly fascinating read.  This is how the world perceived Australia and its history over a hundred years ago.

Early Discoverers

Early Explorers to Australia – including Pedro Fernadez De Quiros, Luis Vaez de Torres, the Dutch, Captain Francisco Pelsart, Abel Tasman, William Dampier, and Captain Cook

Settlement of Sydney – Including Botany Bay, Port Jackson and Sydney Cove

Discoveries of Bass and Flinders

NSW 1800 to 1808 – includes Governor Philip Gidley King, New South Wales Corps, Mutiny of convicts, origins of wool growing, Governor William Bligh and the expulsion of William Bligh.

Tasmania 1803 to 1836 – First settlement in Tasmania, David Collins, Governor Thomas Davey, New Norfolk on the Derwent, bushrangers, Governor Sorrell and separation from New South Wales.

New South Wales from 1808 to 1837– includes Governor Lachlan Macquarie, road over the Blue Mountains, Governor Thomas Brisbane, Governor Ralph Darling, Legislative Council, the Newspaper War and Governor Richard Burke.

Australian Discoveries 1817 – 1836 – includes John Oxley, Allan Cunningham, Hamilton Hume, William Hovell, Captain Charles Sturt, the Murray River, and Major Thomas Mitchell.

Port Phillip from 1800 – 1840– includes Discovery of Port Phillip, Matthew Flinders, Governor David Collins, John Pascoe Fawkner, John Batman, a dispute over Melbourne, William Buckley and New Settlement at Port Phillip.

South Australia 1836 to 1841 – includes Edward Wakefield, South Australian Association, Early settlement of Adelaide, Governor John Hindmarsh, Governor George Gawler, and the collapse of the Adelaide colony.

New South Wales 1838 to 1850 – includes Governor George Gipps, Land laws in New South Wales, Immigration in New South Wales, Melbourne Petitions for separation, Representative Government, Election of Earl Grey and Sir Charles Fitzroy becomes governor.

South Australia 1841 – 1850 – includes, Governor grey and South Australia, Mineral wealth in South Australia, Burra mines and Governors Robe and Young.

Discovery of Gold – includes Australia 1851, rumours of gold, Edward Hargraves, rush to the goldfields of Bathurst, government gold regulations, gold in Victoria, gold in Ballarat, gold at Mount Alexander and immigration during Australia’s goldrush