Here is everything you need to know to start playing golf in just six lessons. Expert coach Steven Bann, and experienced golfing writer Brendan Moloney, introduce the beginner to the basics of this wonderful game. By following these easy-to-understand lessons, you’ll feel more relaxed on the golf course and avoid the pitfalls that await beginners.

  • Introduction to Golf
    Introduction To Golf – Learn How to Do Some Basic Things Properly Before You Go Out And Start Playing Golf.
  • Object of the Game
    The Object of the Game -To get the ball into the hole with as few strokes as possible.
  • Golf Equipment
    Golf Equipment – There are three basic types of golf clubs you need for playing golf they are woods, irons and a putter.
  • Starting Out in Golf
    Starting Out in Golf – You Need at Least One Golf Club preferably a five, six or seven iron.
  • Safety in Golf
    Safety in Golf – Golf clubs and ball can cause serious injuries. There are few basic things to remember in helping to keep your golf game safe.
  • The Golf Course
    The Golf Course – A golf course usually has 18 holes and includes, the tee, fairway, greens, bunkers and an occassional water hazard.
  • Rules of Golf
    Rules of Golf – Learning and understanding the basic rules of golf is essential.
  • Golf Lessons Begin
    Golf Lessons Begin – Having a good understanding of the basics of golf (and practising) will give you a solid ground on which to build.
  • LESSON ONEThe Foundation
    The Foundation – Before learning to grip a golf club it is important to learn to how get into the correct position.
  • LESSON TWOThe Golf Grip
    The Golf Grip – To learn to hold the golf club correctly you will need a texta or marker.
  • LESSON THREELearning The Golf Swing
    Starting To Swing – Learning the right way to swing a golf club.
  • LESSON FOURLearning To Pivot in Golf Swing
    Putting It All Together – Showing you how to put the golf swing altogether
  • LESSON FIVEWidth of Stance and Ball Placement
    Finishing Touches – Once you have your golf swing together you will need to concentrate on your stance and ball placement
  • LESSON SIXThree Families of the Golf Swing
    Three Families of Swing – There are three types of swings in golf, the full swing, the bunker and pitching swing, and the chipping and putting swing.
  • Golf Glossary
    Golf Glossary – List of words used in golf
  • About the Authors
    About the Authors – My First Golf Book Online was written by Australia’s Leading Golf Coach and one-time Golf Writer of the Year, Brendan Moloney.