The sinking of the ship Titanic will go down in history as one of the greatest maritime disasters of all time. The much anticipated maiden voyage of the “unsinkable’ steamship was one of the biggest events of 1912. For weeks, if not months there was nothing but talk about the newest steamship. Some of the world’s richest and most powerful people were booked on the journey to New York, not daring to miss out on her first journey. GlobeVista’s  Titanicberg gives detailed accounts of the events, the survivors, the lost souls, the pets,  the myths, and rumors.

Titanicberg Intro

History of the Titanic

Facts About The Titanic

Titanic’s Maiden Voyage

Titanic Strikes Iceberg

Lifeboats On The Titanic

Who’s Who List of Titanic Survivors in Lifeboats (including pets)

Drifting Lifeboats

Last Moments Onboard the Titanic

Women’s Accounts of being in LifeboatsDrama unfolding in Titanic’s lifeboat number 3, lifeboat number 4, lifeboat 6, lifeboat 8, lifeboat 10.

Harrowing Accounts –L. Beasley’s Account of the Titanic Sinking, Jack Thayer’s Account (Collapsible Lifeboat B), James McGough’s account (lifeboat number 7),