John Oxley (c.1785 – 1828) was sent to follow the course of the Lachlan River – He traces it until it becomes lost in extensive marches – In a new expedition following the Macquarie River he has the same issue – The interior of Australia was believed to be a great inland sea.

Allan Cunningham (1791 to 1839) crosses the Pandora Pass – Land is opened up on Peel, Gwydir and Dumaresq rivers.

Hamilton Hume and William Hovell – In 1824 Hume (1797 – 1873) and  Hovell (1786 – 1875) lead an expedition from Lake George to Port Phillip – On their way they discover the Murray, the Ovens and the Goulburn rivers – A dispute between the leaders ruins what would otherwise have been a successful journey – They return to Sydney.

Captain Charles Sturt (1795-1869) sent to explore the Macquarie – Unable to get through the dense reeds so they turn to the west and discover the Darling River.

The Murray River – In 1829 Captain Charles Sturt and George Macleay (1809-1891) embark on the Murrumbidgee – Enter the Murray- Communicate with the natives- Discover Lake Alexadrina- They reach th mouth of the Murray and have a difficult journey back.

Major Thomas Mitchell (1792-1855) – First expedition to the north-west fails due to a native attack – Again in 1835 he is forced again to return without a result – In 1836, he undertakes an expedition to the south where he crosses the Murray- The party struggles through to the west of Victoria – Discovers the Glenelg River and  Finds the Brothers Henty settled at Portland Bay.