Governor Lachlan Macquarie is sent out the colony in 1808 – The New South Wales Corps is disbanded – Macquarie becomes active in promoting the welfare of the colony.

Road Over The Blue Mountains – In 1813 a pass is discovered by Wentworth, Lawson and Blaxland – Road constructed in 1815 by Macquarie – Bathurst founded- Squatters drive their sheep across the mountains.

Governor Thomas Brisbane arrived in 1821 – He encouraged the introduction of free settlers – The squatters prosper – Great demand for convict shepherds – The Government farms break up as a consequence.

Governor Ralph Darling arrives in 1825 – Formation of the Australian Agricultural Company – It proves of great service to the colony.

Legislative Council established in 1829 – Consisted of fifteen members, who made laws for the colony- Its first act was to introduce the Jury System.

The Newspaper War – Sydney Gazette had been established in 1803 – During Government of Brisbane, two Opposition papers were started – These papers criticised Governor Darling- Make the most of the case of Sudds and Thompson, tow soldiers whose sentences Darling had altered – Violent altercations – Darling recalled in 1831.

Governor Richard Burke – The most talented of the Sydney Governors and extremely popular. Land Question – Governor Bourke put up all surveyed lands to auction, not to be sold for less than five shillings an acre – The proceeds were used to assist immigration. Squatters – Unsurveyed lands leased to squatters – This gives the squatting interest more stability – Bourke retires in 1837.