1800 – Governor Philip Gidley King, formerly of Norfolk Island, found the colony disorganized and was unable to rectify abuses.

The New South Wales Corps was enlisted especially for the colony where many of the officers became spirit merchants. Most of the settlers, officers and privates gave themselves up to drunkenness and frivolous spending.

Mutiny of the Convicts broke out at Castlehill but it was eventually quelled by the New South Wales Corps, under Major Johnston.

1803 – Origins of Wool Growing in Australia – Macarthur, formerly an officer in the Corps, obtained a few merino sheep from King George. After a few years, he had turned his venture into a successful business, which would mark the beginning of wool growing in Australia.

1806 – Governor William Bligh had been Captain of the Bounty and he offended many by stopping the liquor traffic and others by his overbearing conduct.

1808 – Expulsion of Governor Bligh  Bligh was expelled from the colony owing to a quarrel with sheep farmer, John Macarthur, resulting in Johnston assuming the role of Governor.