Discovery of Port Phillip in 1802 by Lieutenant Murray, in the Lady Nelson – A short time later it was visited by Matthew Flinders – Next year Charles Grimes and two friends walked around the bay.

Governor David Collins in 1803 brings a party of convicts to found a settlement on Port Phillip – Lands at Sorrento – Sends Tuckey to find a more favorable place – Report is discouraging – Collins takes his part over to Tasmania.

John Pascoe Fawkner had been a boy in this expedition – He prospers in Tasmania – Thiry years later he creates a project to colonize Port Phillip.

John Batman – Also a Tasmanian colonist – Forms an association for settling Port Phillip – Starts (1835) in the Rebecca to examine the country – Lands at Geelong – Sails up to Hobson’s Bay – Explores the region along the Saltwater – Purchases from the natives all the land stretching from Merri Creek to Geelong – Sights the Yarra River for the first time.

Melbourne founded by John Pascoe Fawkner (1835) who sends over men to clear and prepare the land.

Dispute over Melbourne takes place between Batman’s men and the newcomers – Mr Wedge orders Captain Lancey off the land.

William Buckley presents himself to Batman’s party, having spent thirty two years with the natives – Acts as an interpreter.

The New Settlement At Port Phillip – Excitement is caused in Tasmania by news of fine lands being discovered around Port Phillip – Governor Bourke declares Batman’s purchase invalid. – Captain Lonsdale sent to act as magistrate – In 1838 Charles Latrobe is sent as superintendent of the settlement – Fate of Batman and Faulkner.