This is a list of words and terms used in golf. You have probably heard of most of them before but may not be sure of their exact meaning.
The slang term for a hole-in-one.
Not where you live but the stance you take before starting your swing. We call it the ready position.
The name of the shot you play to get your ball onto the green.
If you get one of these , ring up the newspapers or TV station and you’ll become famous. An albatross is playing a hole in three under par. That means taking only two shots on a par five or getting a hole-in-one on a par four. Very few golfers have had an albatross. It took Greg Norman 36 years to get his. In America, they call an albatross a double eagle.
This means to take one shot under par for a hole.
This means to take one shot more than par for a hole. A double bogey is two shots more, a triple bogey is three shots more, and so on.
Holes with sand in the bottom which are placed around the course as obstacles. Usually, when your ball goes into a bunker you waste at least one shot hitting it out. They are also called traps.
Someone who carries the clubs for a golfer. He or she can be a kid just learning to play or a professional caddie for someone famous like Greg Norman or Jenny Sevil. A lot of famous player, including Seve Ballesteros and Lee Trevino, started out as caddies.