Lesson One

Before you hit your first golf ball, you have to get into the ready position. In golf, this is called the address. To swing a golf club you will be using nearly every part of your body. But rather than worrying about where every part is and what they are all doing, just imagine your ready position to be the same as standing to catch a basketball in front of your chest.

To try this, you will need a helper who can bounce the basketball towards you. The natural reaction is to flex your knees slightly from the waist to make the catch. Get into this position, shown in diagram 1, and you will be standing the right way to swing a golf club.

To get your arms into the correct position, look at diagram 2. Hold them out as if you were going to fly. Then relax and let them drop straight down into a natural hanging position (diagram 3) and clap your hands together.

Now you need only to raise your target shoulder and lower your trail shoulder slightly so both hands can fit on the grip of your club (diagram 4). (Your target side is the side nearer the direction you want the ball to go. Your trailside is the other side.)