Bond Stores, Sydney
Bond Stores

The area known as The Rocks in Sydney Cove was once the hub of the States commerce and international shipping transport activities until the late nineteenth century. The Rocks became the area for merchants and warehouses. These warehouses were known as Bond Stores. The stores housed merchandise such as tea, spirits, cloth and sugar. The goods remained in the bond stores until importers paid the duty on the goods.

Metcalfe Bond Stores

The Metcalfe Bond Stores are located on George Street. The Federation warehouses were built between 1912-1916 and comprise of two adjacent buildings. The site was placed in the hands of the NSW Government as part of the Darling Harbour Resumptions, following the outbreak of the bubonic plague. Click here for more about the Metcalfe Bond Stores.

Australian Steam Navigation Company

The Australian Steam Navigation Company Building ( ASN Co Building) or Ordnance Stores is located on Hickson Road. The building was designed by architect, William Wilkinson Wardell in the Pre-Federation Anglo-Dutch style. The five-story, four-bay warehouse dominates the area and adds a fascinating facade to the area, thanks to the Dutch gables. Click here for more about the Ordnance Bond Stores.

Argyle Bond Stores

The Argyle Stores are located on Argyle Street. The stores are one of the earliest bond stores built in Australia. The first section of the Argyle Stores was built by convicts in 1828 as a house for Captain Piper. Click here for more about the Argyle Bond Stores.