Garrison Church
Garrison Church

The Garrison Church is located on Lower Fort Street at Dawes Point (part of Argyle Place Precinct) at The Rocks. The early Victorian Gothic Revival city Anglican Church was designed by Henry Ginn in 1840, becoming the first official military church in the Colony. Known officially as the Holy Trinity, the church continues to be known as the Garrison.

Brief History of the Garrison Church

Construction of the church began in 1840 with the laying of the foundation stone by Reverend W.G. Broughton D.D., the first and only Bishop of Australia. George Payten was responsible for the construction and who would later build ‘Hero of Waterloo’ , the infamous hotel down the street. The church, however, was not fully completed until 1878. Architect Edmund Blacket also assisted with the completion of the design.

Garrison Church, The Rocks, SydneyThe Red Coats of the 50th Queens Own Regiment were regular participants of Morning Prayers from 1840-1880. The regiment was located at the Dawes Point Battery which was demolished in 1932. The columns inside the church are decorated with the insignia of British troops.

The first Prime Minister of the Commonwealth, Sir Edmund Barton attended his primary education at the Parish Hall next to the church. In 1860 Dr. James Mitchell donated the East window of the church. Mitchell’s son was David Scott Mitchell who gave the Mitchell Library to New South Wales.