Brief History

Nannup, Western AustraliaNannup is a town that lies on the Blackwood River in the south-west agricultural region of Western Australia.

The district is renowned for its Jarrah, Karri & Pine forests and the Nannup Tiger. The economy relies on timber farming, fruit growing, music & tulip festivals and of course, the Nannup Tiger!

The word Nannup is an Aboriginal word that the Noongyar people of the region used. There are several theories on the meaning of the word such as “place of the waters”, “place of parrots”, “stopping place”. Originally known as the Lower Blackwood, Nannup, was first explored by Thomas Turner during his exploration of the Blackwood River in 1834.

The first Europeans to settle in the area were farmers who saw the agricultural potential in the 1850s. More history of Nannup.

Things You May Not Know About Nannup

Nannup, Thylacine, Western AustraliaThe postcode for Nannup is 6275.

The last sighting of the Nannup Tiger (Thylacine) was by a Department of Conservation & Land Management (CALM) officer in the 1990s.

At the height of the Nannup Tiger hysteria, some locals, having had enough of the tiger talk, reportedly painted stripes on a sheep, added a tail and left it in a paddock.

The Nannup Tiger or Thylacine is not a canine or a feline, but a marsupial!