The yellow submarine, just like the big banana in Carnarvon, has become a bizarre but successful tourist attraction. The bright yellow sub is considered to be one of Geraldton‘s most famous icons and has been standing quietly on Marine Terrace since 1968.

The little yellow submarine was originally built in Dongara as a little grey submarine. The purpose of building the little underwater vessel is unknown.

One story claims it was the end result of a failed venture to catch crayfish (Rock Lobsters). Apparently it was designed to attach a vacuum cleaner gadget that could suck up lobsters. Following the failure of the crayfish project, it was placed on dry land, painted yellow as a salute to the Beatles song and has stayed there ever since.

The second story claims it was built to search for sunken treasure off the shipwreck coast.

The Museum of Western Australia is currently involved in the preservation and restoration of the yellow sea craft. Years of being exposed to the elements have taken its toll and they are looking at new technologies to ensure the submarine will be around for future generations to enjoy.

Dongara Rang

In 2019, whilst the submarine was being restored, a storm was brewing in Dongra over the legal ownership of the vessel. The Dongara community believe that Geraldton obtained the submarine by default and now they want it back. Dongara local John Rossiter said, “I would love to see it come back to Dongara here and we could put it on the foreshore right alongside the Fisherman’s Hall.”

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