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September 11, 2019

Raw Meow – A healthy alternative for cats


I had the wonderful pleasure of filming the founder of Raw Meow, Laura, this month. Laura’s passion for cats and a strong desire to provide a healthy “raw” food sources for them, was the inspiration behind her highly successful company, Raw Meow.

Raw Meow is based on the “prey model” providing cats with what nature intended. As laura explains “Monotonous dry or wet diets (biscuits and tinned food) put a strain on your pet’s body and force their digestive systems to work harder to process their food. By contrast, raw food is what they ate in nature, and it’s what their bodies were designed to eat.”

Preparing raw meals for your cat/s can be time-consuming and, let’s face it, gross. Raw Meow removes those issues by making raw feeding as simple as possible. By this I mean, ready-mixed, balanced and complete meals using Australian only, human-grade meat.

Laura was kind enough to let me try the Raw Meow Freeze Dried Meals on my spoilt little felines. I must admit I was a little nervous to change my cats’ diet, despite deep down knowing the food they were eating was probably full of additives and preservatives.

I am currently using the Raw Meow Chicken, and Lamb and Emu Meals for my kitties, which is purr-fect for me. I simply add a little bit of water to the mix to re-hydrate and my job is done. The transition was a little challenging for my fussy Siamese, but he is slowing becoming a fan. I also treated them to Raw Meow Freeze Dried Chicken Breasts (AKA Cat Krack) which brings out the lion in them. I nearly needed a whip and chair to hold them back!

I am looking forward to more laughs and giggles, as we filmed a series of videos that will feature on Laura’s Youtube Channel and Facebook Page.

For more information about Raw Meow or to place an order, just head over to Laura’s website https://rawmeow.com.au/


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Raw Meow – A healthy alternative for cats

Raw Meow – A healthy alternative for cats


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